This short name with many use possibilities combines par and Dr.
From medical assistance to golf, this digital asset can be the base of your online presence!


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This 5 letter domain name combining word par with Dr is both memorable and versatile. If we view par in the sense of the French word meaning through or by, this would be an ideal domain name for a health advice, practice, or online referral system.

But the word par could also be interpreted as a golf term, in which case the domain name is a perfect fit for golf training or the site of a teaching professional.

Or simply use pardr as a high-impact brandable name in any area.

Automated Appraisal

NameWorth suggest a valuation for this domain name to an end user of up to $34,500, in the top tier of the domain market. If this information is important to you check for the most recent valuation. 

Comparator Sales

Over the past five years, 5-letter .com domains have sold in the aftermarket more than 17,000 times with an average price of $4408. (NameBio data). While that is inflated by very high prices words like voice that sold for $30 million, even if we consider only sales of 99,900 and less the average price for 5-letter .com sales is still $1423.

A few of the sales ending in dr are

  • cardr ($5000),
  • getdr ($3366),
  • seidr ($2500),
  • biddr ($2500),
  • laddr ($2350),
  • sondr ($2100) and
  • beddr ($2000).

Other Brandable Options

While we think pardr.com is a great domain name, we also have a number of other brandable domain names in our catalog. 

Final Reflections

Most domain names are only ever available for sale a single time.  If pardr.com is a great fit ffor your organization, obtain it now before someone else takes it.

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